Muddy River Farm Aquaponics

Sustainable, Healthy, Innovation You Can Eat




MRF is a future-oriented, food production and research facility. We have three "divisions"; a freshwater production division, a saltwater research and development division, and a consulting division.

  • Our freshwater division grows fresh produce, Rainbow Trout, and Brook Trout in a sustainable and symbiotic aquaponics system.

  • Our saltwater division focuses on terrestrial, saltwater recirculation systems made from 3D-printed bioplastic with internally printed features for shellfish growth enhancement.

  • Our consulting division takes on one or two projects at a time. If the client is offering a sustainable solution and it merits additional investigation, MRF is more than happy to help.

Muddy River Farm Aquaponics, LLC

Topsham, Maine

Images courtesy of Muddy River Farm Aquaponics and our amazing friends at Mere Point Oyster Company